TAG Implants- Dimensional Tolerances & Accuracy Gap in Implants/Abutments Internal Hexagon Connection
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Clinical Multi-Criteria Study of Implantation Outcomes in Different Areas of the Jaws – Report
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Scanning Electron Microscopy Investigation of Bone Apposition Around Two Different Sandblasted Acid - etched Titanium Implant Surfaces in Diabetic Rats
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Immediate loading in heavy smokers
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TAG-New generation of implants design
It is an obvious fact that the number of dental implantation procedures is constantly growing and is more and more in use for dental restoration procedures...
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Strontium Ranelate Effects on Inorganic Bone Grafts in Maxillary Sinus Floor Augmentation
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Dental Case Report Word - German
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Dental Case Report Word - English
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Biomechanical and histologic basis of osseodensification drilling for endosteal implant placement in low density bone. An experimental study in sheep
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Osseointegration of chemically modified sandblasted and acid-etched titanium implant surface in diabetic rats: a histological and scanning electron microscopy study
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