The Compact Kits contain a set of basic tools and drills that allow implant drilling up to 6.0mm in diameter, and provide complete solutions for our range of implants specifically compatible to the implant brand.

TD1-0002 Marking Drill Ø1.90mm
TD1-0003 Pilot Drill Ø2mm
TD1-0004 Pilot Drill Ø2.5mm
TD1-0005 Drill Ø2.80mm
TD1-0021 Conical Drill for implant Ø3.75mm
TD1-0022 Conical Drill for implant Ø4.2mm
TD1-0023 Conical Drill for implant Ø5mm
TD1-0024 Conical Drill for implant Ø6mm
TD1-0019 Countersink 3.75mm/4.20mm
TD1-0020 Countersink 5mm/6mm
TK1-0012 Parallel pin
TK1-0013 Implant Indicator
TK1-0015 Ratchet
TK1-0002 Key 1.28mm Long
TK1-0004 Key 2.42mm Long
TK1-0010 Motor key 2.42 Long
TK1-0019 2.42 Retriever