The premium kit contains an expanded set of tools and drills that allows implant drilling and restoration of the entire TAG range.

TD1-0002 Marking Drill Ø1.90mm
TD1-0003 Pilot Drill Ø2mm
TD1-0004 Pilot Drill Ø2.5mm
TD1-0005 Drill Ø2.80mm
TD1-0006 Drill Ø3.20mm
TD1-0007 Pilot Drill Ø3.80mm
TD1-0008 Drill Ø4.50mm
TD1-0009 Drill Ø5.00mm
TD1-0010 Drill Ø5.50mm
TD1-0021 Conical Drill for implant Ø3.75mm
TD1-0022 Conical Drill for implant Ø4.2mm
TD1-0023 Conical Drill for implant Ø5mm
TD1-0024 Conical Drill for implant Ø6mm
TK1-0013 Implant Indicator
TK1-0012 Parallel pin
TD1-0020 Countersink 5mm/6mm
TD1-0019 Countersink 3.75mm/4.20mm
TK1-0015 Ratchet
TK1-0014 Depth Probe
TK1-0003 Key 2.42mm Short
TK1-0004 Key 2.42mm Long
TK1-0009 Motor key 2.42 Short
TK1-0010 Motor key 2.42 Long
TK1-0011 Square Driver One Piece
TK1-0018 Hand Tool 2.42 Long
TK1-0019 2.42 Retriever
TK1-0008 Motor key 1.28 Long
TK1-0007 Motor key 1.28 Short
TK1-0001 Key 1.28mm Short
TK1-0002 Key 1.28mm Long
TK1-0033 Key for Angulated M.U.&Balls